About Company


Acumen is a fast growing brokerage that provides a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes; financial institutions, government entities, retail investors and high-net-worth individuals.

Upon our establishment, we set a strong platform to withhold our core values; integrity, hard work, accountability and trust. Those are the four pillars of our firm that help us provide uncompromising standards to our clients.

Our executive management members are committed to delivering exceptional services. Our cumulative years of experience in the field have enriched us with a focused, well balanced strategy to better serve our clients.

In the field of investment, every day brings new challenges and opportunities, but we here at Acumen, work vigorously to overcome those challenges and gear those opportunities to our clients’ advantage bringing back the best returns out of our investments mandates.


When we founded our business in 2010 we had one main vision and that is to create a Boutique Brokerage firm that would provide our clients with a unique top of the line service.

We go by a simple rule and that is customers should be better served. Our vision is to deliver a lifelong commitment to our clients to see them grow and build their wealth.

At Acumen we started off on strong grounds by making our funds rank at the top and we are determined to uphold that distinctive reputation as a trusted and top performing group.

We are here to better serve you and maximize your financial growth with little volatility.


Maximizing shareholders’ value by providing our clients withhigh quality financial solutions, maintaining regional expansion and enhancingour corporate culture on a regular basis by capitalizing on synergies derivedfrom the amalgamation of geo-diversified but complementary businesses. Suchsynergies allow us to offer creative, flexible and productive financialsolutions to our valued clients.